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MediaTrik creates afforable Digital Marketing Strategies for Businesses.

You want the web to bring you more customers, here’s why we love
using Adobe Business Catalyst to help you gain and manage those leads!

Web Design

We help business owners operate a modern online business with features that are quick, easy to use, and efficient! Learn how Oculus Rift showed us how we should think of VR for business.

Digital Marketing

We help your website reach more people worldwide every month with our SEO/SEM Marketing services, PPC Campaigns and Social Media Strategy.


Having a mobile, responsive design website is crucial for business. We can create or convert your existing desktop website. Mobile sites include custom features!

How It Works

Your website is more than just a website. We create a sales and marketing machine.

It's a place to build authentic relationships and create gateways to your community. Our sites grow with your business. It includes email, analytics, a customer database, and email marketing. Each website is mobile-ready so you can reach every customer.

Digital Strategy

We want to differentiate your business, appeal to your target audience, and beat the competition. To do that you need a digital marketing strategy. We can help with that.

Fully Responsive Website

Our goal is to inform, build trust, and persuade your target audience. We build a site that matches your needs and is accessible on any device.

SEO/Email Marketing Program

Behind every beautifully designed website is a great marketing plan. From SEO to PPC Ads, we will get you traffic. Check out our great adword system!

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About Us

We are a digital agency located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Making your business successful is our #1 job. MediaTrik is proud to provide Web Sites and Social Media Marketing using Adobe's Business Catalyst platform. After 10 years of "patching together" various systems (email marketing, CRM, ecommerce), we are delighted to be offering an online system to our business clients which combines all these systems into one.

That means more efficiency and, yes, less cost--just what businesses need today! It offers a way to both understand and develop your customer base--you can see who is accessing your website --AND WHY! Better yet, once we set up your site, you can do as little or as much as you wish with the site. We include personalized online training for you and your staff in each of our implementations. Businesses today need a strong internet presence, and we at MediaTrik can help you get involved without getting overwhelmed. Knowledge is power--let us share some with you!


  • “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”

    — Mary Lou Cook —

  • “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

    — Scott Adams—

  • “The world is but a canvas to the imagination.”

    — Henry David Thoreau —

  • “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”

    — Mary Lou Cook —

  • “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

    — Scott Adams—

Meet the Team

Professional and outstanding ideas of our passionate team makes us unique in every sense.

Katie Zulanas


Thomas Zulanas


Leo Degreef


Katherine Kersey

Design/Program Lead

Jon Zulanas

Digital Production

Latest News


Top 5 Website Mistakes of Small Businesses

 by MediaTrik Admin

For most businesses, websites are their “public face” to the world.  As such, there are five mistakes you will want to avoid with respect to this powerful business tool.

1.  “Set it and Forget it”
Age-ism is alive and well in the internet world.  While older domain names might gain respect from search engines as being “more established,” the websites themselves become dated both in looks and functionality.  Don’t hesitate to “spruce up” your site design to take advantage of both newer technologies and more stylish graphics.  Newer technologies, like built-in client databases, etc., can save you time and money while enhancing sales, while graphics will give your prospective clients a great first impression.  You don’t necessarily need to rewrite your entire site, but at least consider a periodic facelift before your site suffers a fate similar to Dorian Gray.  → Read More


Creating a Social Media Schedule

 by Katherine Kersey

Everyone wants their posts to be seen. After all, we put a ton of energy towards creating content we think is interesting and we don’t post it for nothing. It would be a shame if we could not reach our audience. Just as it's important to stick to a schedule when it comes to your business, it's also true for your social media marketing. Making a schedule of your posts going out and knowing when the best time to reach your audience is key.   → Read More


PRISM Metadata Danger: I just made you say underwear! Update

 by Katie Zulanas

Picture of Underwear for PRISM Metadata*Update:  We hear a lot about “big data” these days, and I am being asked, “What difference does it make if the government or a corporation can see the phone numbers people dial?” Most of us feel a bit uneasy, and the creepy feeling of being watched gets a bit stronger as we hear about these entities also having access to our internet traffic, social media activity and emails.    → Read More

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